Yunus Emre Güler

I am Yunus Emre Güler and I love being productive. All you need is a computer, internet connection and unlimited imagination.


Here is the information about my work experience.


There is always something new to learn!


Here are the technologies I use in both professional work life and individual projects.


I create microservices with Java using Spring framework. I develop RESTful API's and Kafka Pub/Sub applications. For microservice integrations, I use Eureka and Feign clients. I mostly work with MongoDB, Elasticsearch and MySQL databases.Also use Redis for caching.


I create frontend applications with JavaScript using ReactJS framework. Mostly use functional components with React Hooks. I use Antd as a component library or for specific components I create my owns with react core components and style it with CSS.


I use Docker to containerize my microservices. Deploy them to a Kubernetes cluster. Also familiar with Kubernetes operations such as monitoring and scaling pods.

Game Development

I love video games so I wanted to understand how are they made. Unity is just a hobby for me. I create indie games time to time. Also love joining gamejams, it is incredible that a group of two can create a whole game in 48 hours.


I love being productive and making projects with various technologies. Here are some of my individual projects.


I created a website for tracking corona virus data around the globe. Created the website with ReactJS. Hosted on Firebase.

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Last Forever

Last Forever is an NFT piece. This picture will be in the ethereum blockchain forever. You can purchase it on Rarible.

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It is an arcade mobile game for Android and IOS created with Unity. Simple yet delightful! Watch trailer on Youtube.

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Flappy Nerd

It is an arcade mobile game for Android and Tizen created with Unity. Beware! Rage Quit Ahead!

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Shape Rush

It is an arcade mobile game for Android created with Unity. This is my first game so I want to leave it as it is.

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English Rabbit

Native Android application to learn and practice new words in english for turkish people.

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Yunus Emre Güler

İstanbul, TURKEY